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forpeace6The Bloggers for Peace group (or whatever we are — a cabal?  A melange?  A pride?) had a challenge in April to blog about children and peace. 15 bloggers who participated would be awarded a copy of my children’s book A Map and a Mule.

The details were here:

The entrants were the folks who posted their blog posts on that InLinkz a.k.a. little frog icon list; plus one person who made it obvious in the comments to Kozo’s post that she wanted to enter.

I wasn’t exactly sure how I would select the winners. What I ended up doing was:

First, I have to acknowledge the bloggers who went “over and above,” I would say, to spend time creating something . . . creative. Specifically, three stories, a postcard, and a collage. They all win a book; a list of them follows.

The remaining ten winners I selected at random, although I have to say that I made sure one of them was Kozo, since he has done so much to keep this Bloggers group going and growing.  So perhaps it’s more accurate that nine posts were selected at random, and Kozo wins in the “lifetime achievement” category.

Rarasaurus entered with a typical wonderful post, but actually I had already sent her a copy of the book a couple months ago.

(This brings up another issue — what do I call y’all? Some folks have their blog title, their real name of course, and then their blogging persona name . . . apologies for any confusion on my part.  You can call me Eric; PeaceGarret is fine.)


The book-winners, with a few links to follow:

Daydreams In Wonderland / Card Castles in the Sky

The Queen Creative

Inspire the Idea / Sarah Neeve

Fish of Gold

Cosmic Loti / Jas Baku

Francine in Retirement / Francine Gassette

This Is My Corn / Melanie

Ellyn Baker / Discovering Both Sides of the Story

Human In Recovery

Everyday Gurus / Kozo

The INFP / Dark Swan of Peace

Heartflow 2013 / Tomas

Steve’s Thinking Space / Steve Strother

Delightfully Different Life / D. S. Walker

Grandmalin / Breathing Space

I’ve been in touch with a few of you already — everyone else, please send along a mailing address to me at tegbook @

And finally, some links to the creative creations: (I hesitate to say that, since plain old writing, of course, is also creative, as I am the first to acknowledge, since I write myself . . . it’s something of a philosophical quandary, but anyway, I have to acknowledge these folks:)

Card Castles in the Sky: Daydreams in Wonderland — a story for children:

Fish of Gold – another story:

Inspire the Idea – another story:

Cosmic Loti – a collage:

The Queen Creative – postcard:

Thanks to everyone. It is so great to see all of you focusing on peace.  Please get in touch, and I hope you enjoy the book.A Map and a Mule cover



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  1. PeaceGarret, first I would like to say a HUGE thank you! I know I’ve already thanked you via e-mail but I feel the need to address you publicly as well. Second, I’d like to thank Kozo for coming up with this awesome idea. & Last, I’d like to acknowledge the rest of you for your participation in this lovely challenge and all of your wonderful comments.

    P.S. PeaceGarret I sent you my mailing address via e-mail. I hope it found you well. If not, check any spam folders in case it got flagged & if it’s still not there let me know & I’ll gladly write you again.
    I look forward to reading your book! Many thanks again!

  2. Yay! I win! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I would have participated in B4P anyway, but it was especially fun to have a contest. It got my creative juices flowing. I can’t wait to read your book. I know a lucky little boy who will be the recipient. And you can call me Goldfish. 🙂

  3. YAYY! A superbig thank you to you and your blindfolded rabbits, Mr Garrett 🙂
    It was a veritable challenge, but so much fun to do for Kozo’s beautiful community, and all the brilliant people out there in cyberspace who support us.
    ❤ to all

    • Thanks and you’re welcome, all; by the way, the blindfolded rabbits Jas refers to were my initial idea on how I would pick winners. No rabbits ultimately were blindfolded for the making of this blog post.

      • Aww, it was such a sweet image as well. If you do have rabbits, I’m sure they are very loved anyway ;~)

  4. Eric,
    Thank you so much for donating your wonderful book to the cause or the pride. 🙂
    Normally, I would decline to take one since I work for the organization, but I want to read this book to my sons so badly, that I am going to take the prize. haha.
    Thanks again. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  5. Eric.
    Thank you for choosing me as a recipiant for your book. As my son is way above the age for children’s books now, I hope you won’t mind me donating it to the children’s ward at my local hospital. I’m sure it will give hours of enjoyment.

  6. Thank you, Eric, for your energy towards Bloggers For Peace! I gladly accept the book prize and (after my wife and I have enjoyed it 😉 ) will pass it on to our neighbors whose newborn is one month old tomorrow – Children for Peace! I’ll send you my email address now.
    Peace! tomas ☼

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