“Vote the atheist in as wanting to remind Christians about Christ”

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peace flagHere follows the text of an email that John Judge (University of Dayton ’69, died last week — see post below) sent to me a few years ago.

He wrote this because I had asked him how he felt about my including some words about Christian teachings on a website in which he is mentioned. John was an atheist. He told me:

I see nothing wrong with introducing Catholics to scripture and the clear position taken by Christ, whom they claim to worship and emulate, regarding violence and peace. It’s one of the few areas where a quote cannot be taken out of context, because love and peace were the true religion of Christ.

Religions have aligned themselves with the state and state-sponsored violence for most of history, and their false teachings have been used as the excuse for wars and crusades and inquisitions. I once suggested that UD change its motto from Pro Deo et Patria to Pro Patria et Deo, since that was clearly its real ordering of priorities.

People who invoke Christ and the Bible to justify hatred, prejudice and war are perverting the whole message that Christ preached. Those who claim to follow Christ must constantly be reminded what he said and did and where he stood on violence and hate as well as love and peace. “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” “Those who say they love God but not their neighbor are lying.” Let there be “no more of that” as you quote.

Whole theologies in favor of militarism have been invented by perverting the meaning of a few random quotes instead of looking at the whole context and the consistent message of peace, which the whole Christian community that grew from his teachings followed. I studied all the religious leaders and their consciousness, and in all cases the universal religion is one of love, not one of hate, revenge, war and living by rules. Guilt paralyzes, conscience informs, consciousness transcends. Not only did Christ preach against war and violence, he lived out love in so many ways and countered false consciousness as well. So, vote the atheist in as wanting to remind the Christians about Christ – John Judge

The site with John’s biography:


The page I asked him about:




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